Retrocesso na Alemanha?

O Observatório da Prostituição divulga aqui a petição Count us out! elaborada pela ONG alemã Dona Carmen, atuante, desde 1998, no bairro “vermelho” de Frankfurt e engajada na luta pelos direitos sociais e políticos das prostitutas que trabalham na Alemanha e nos demais países do mundo onde esses direitos costumam ser reclamados e, frequentemente, negados.

Abaixo segue o texto publicado no site da ONG, convocando todos os simpatizantes dessa importante luta pelo reconhecimento dos direitos sociais, sexuais e políticos dos trabalhadores sexuais e de todos aqueles que de um jeito de  outro integram esse universo das trocas economico-sexuais, pagando, cobrando ou compreendendo que esse é apenas um direito a ser garantido para o pleno usufruto das liberdades civis e, com elas, das liberdades sexuais.


The federal government plans to introduce compulsory registration for all sex workers COUNT US OUT!
According to proposals by the German Minister for Family Affairs, Manuela Schwesig (SPD), all sex workers will in future have to register and/or deregister with every local council under the terms of repressive new prostitution regulations. This is supposedly for their
protection! Sex workers have never demanded this “protection” from the government!
Further deliberations at the hearing before the Ministry for Family Affairs on 12th June 2014 in Berlin also led to proposals for a “central prostitution register” including “prostitution cards with photo identification” for sex workers. The objective of the compulsory registration planned by the government is to create a complete movement profile for women working as prostitutes. This is about surveillance, not protection. The obligation to register means that such women are subject to further restrictions of their civil rights.
We recall that the last state-imposed registration of prostitutes took place under the National Socialists in 1939 in accordance with a decree from the Minister of the Interior for the German Reich! Has the government learned nothing from history? We hereby declare that as long as sex workers are still legally discriminated against and socially stigmatized by countless special provisions in criminal and police law and laws concerning foreigners, and are thereby denied the same treatment as other professional groups. Those affected are fully entitled to protect their anonymity. No other professional group in this country is forced to register in this way. Compulsory registration means compulsory outing! Or being forced into the grey area of illegality! It’s a choice between cholera and
the plague. Our response to this is: